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About Party Works

Party Works is a family owned and operated chain of local party supply stores founded in 1992. Party Works operates multiple locations in the Memphis area and in Tupelo, Mississippi. Party Works provides customers with a large assortment of party supplies, gifts, decorations, balloons and custom imprinted products to help make each of their parties and events a special and memorable occasion. Party Works also does an extensive amount of business in costumes and decorations for Halloween.

Party Works is managed and operated by a local Memphis family who works closely with store managers and other employees on a daily basis. Party Works differentiates itself from its competitors through product variety and personalized service. Party Works employs approximately 50 full and part time employees in the Memphis community.

Desired Skills for Fellow

Self-starter and driven individual

Good interpersonal skills and conversational ability

Outgoing personality

Entrepreneurial spirit

Social Media, marketing and / or sales experience is a plus

Fellow Responsibilities

Primarily, to establish Business-to-Business (B2B) sales relationships in the Memphis community with an emphasis on custom products and party / event planning and coordination. The Fellow would be responsible for developing an approach, creating relationships meeting with customers, and booking events.

Secondly, to expand Party Works’ social media presence and related marketing opportunities. The Fellow would assess existing efforts, create campaigns and marketing efforts through social media, train employees on accomplishing the campaign objectives, and monitor the success of the campaigns.

By the end of the Fellowship, the Fellow should build and leave behind tools and practices for a sustainable effort in both areas.

A candidate with an entrepreneurial interest would be especially well-suited for this position and could leverage this opportunity to learn more about all of the general business operations of the company and will work directly with the family members that own and run the company.

To learn more about Party Works Tennessee, visit their website.