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About Evaporcool

Evaporcool is a growth-stage energy efficiency company based in Memphis, TN. Evaporcool produces a market-disruptive retrofit system for commercial air conditioners and refrigerators that uses evaporative technology to pre-cool the ambient intake air, yielding a 20%-25% energy reduction. Evaporcool is a leader in the green industry, and is one of the fastest growing energy-efficiency companies in the US, with over 100% growth in 2013.

Desired Skills for Fellow

– Environmental Studies or related major; or marketing or related major with interest in environmental business issues

– Excellent writing and communication skills

– Driven individual able to take initiative and be creative with little direction

– Not afraid of being wrong or asking questions

– Ability to work independently or in small groups

– Webdesign skills are a plus, but certainly not necessary


Fellow Responsibilities

Fellow will work directly with Evaporcool’s Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

– Help create and manage Evaporcool’s social media presence

– Help research and generate content for Evaporcool blog, which will include posts on Evaporcool and on green technology products, financing, and industry developments, etc.

– Conduct research on utility rebates and tax credits available in various states or municipalities

– Research and help generate potential sales leads for Evaporcool


For more information of Evaporcool, visit their website.