Non-Profit Management – Porter-Leath


About Porter-Leath

Porter-Leath is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit whose mission is empowering children and families to achieve a healthy, optimal and independent lifestyle. We have six focus areas encompassing a wide range of early childhood and social services including: Early Head Start, Head Start, Runaway/Homeless Youth Services, Foster Care, Adoption, Employment Training, Mentorship, Child Nutrition and more. Last year, Porter-Leath served over 8,000 children and over 5,000 families in the Mid-South.

Desired Skills for Fellow

-Basic office and administrative skills (computer, phone, online, etc)

-Professionalism (including business casual attire)

-Ability to protect confidential information

-Flexibility to work in a variety of settings with varying styles of leadership

-Ability to relate and have empathy to families in poverty

Fellow Responsibilities

Porter-Leath would engage a fellow within the Administrative Offices of Porter-Leath. This office includes the Executive, Maintenance, Performance Improvement, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology and Marketing/Development departments. The fellow will assist on various special projects within these administrative areas as needed. While specific projects cannot be named here, Porter-Leath is very familiar with the internship purpose and process and would ensure a good learning experience for the fellow vs. just a string of menial tasks. The projects will be directed by a department head but a single point of contact will be assigned to ensure good communication and proper evaluation. The hours would be at least 30 hours per week weekdays. The internship would also provide for exposure to the programmatic areas of Porter-Leath through periodic visits to each focus area.

For more information on Porter-Leath, go to their website.