Marketing: Sullivan Branding

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About Sullivan Branding

Sullivan Branding is a full-service advertising agency focused on a wide variety of clients including retail, financial, healthcare and educational.

Desired Skills for Fellow

– Organized

– Detail-oriented

– Ability to multi-task

– Good verbal and written communication skills

Fellow Responsibilities

The Fellow will perform fundamental work within account management and public relations as well as offering exposure to other facets of the business. The primary responsibility of this position is to assist the account manager. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

– Developing press releases

– Assisting with the development and updating of media lists and other databases

– Research and analysis

– Gathering information regarding industry, competition, customer product or service; as well as presenting findings in verbal / written form with recommendations

– Participating in client meetings, presentations, traffic meetings and brainstorming sessions as directed.

– Assisting with administrative duties including fax processing, sorting, collating, stuffing envelopes, mailings and other administrative functions as assigned

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