Marketing – Southern Growth Studio

About Southern Growth Studio

The Southern Growth Studio is a growth consultancy that helps clients make strategic moves in the marketplace to grow revenue and develop sustainable competitive advantage.

Our clients are private equity groups, CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior management teams that are looking to scale their business using a methodical approach with measurable results. We help them:

– Launch new products and services
– Refine market strategies
– Better understand customers
– Evaluate pricing models
– Enter new markets
– Validate and prioritize investment opportunities
– Develop and stress test business plans
– Create new brand platforms and messaging
– Improve competitive positioning
– Rollout new concepts
– Improve marketing and sales effectiveness

The growth engine quickens moves into new markets or stimulates innovative leaps within an existing space.

Desired Skills for Fellow

• Initiative: this is the single most important characteristic of Studio members. We solve problems our clients didn’t know that they had. We work because we like to work and because it enriches our life. We are restless, always striving to improve and grow.
• Strong Communication Skills: at the Studio we craft messages that resonate with a target audience. Our team must communicate effectively and efficiently with one another and with our clients. An ideal intern is thoughtful, well-spoken and writes eloquently.
• An Analytical Mind: we look under ever rock and through many different lenses in our research. We need an organized yet nimble mind that can process large amounts of data and form theories to make leaps in the marketplace. We need a personality that is both skeptical and optimistic at the same time; weighing the pros and the cons for an optimum solution.
• Professional Skills: we have a culture of excellence that pushes the boundaries of our work. We are organized, we honor deadlines, we collaborate as a team and we are respectful of one another and of our clients.
• Technology Proficiency: the candidate must have experience with and be proficient with Microsoft Office products.
• Quickly understands the business issues and marketing challenges of client’s organization and industry.
• Synthesizes data to formulate strategies around market repositioning, new product/service opportunities or tactics to seize more market share
• Delivers informative, well-organized presentations
• Prefer someone who is proficient with: quantitative analysis, Excel modeling, and business strategy

Fellow Responsibilities

• Gather and compile primary and secondary research data – conduct research on the industries, competitors, and customers of Studio clients, including:

‐ Competitive analysis
‐ Research trends and project future states
‐ Assess socioeconomics
‐ Written reports of research findings as they relate to market and client issues
‐ Develops graphs, tables, and diagrams of compiled data

• Quantitative analysis skills preferred, including:

– Market sizing and segmenting
– Business modeling, financial projections and ROI calculations
– Regression analysis

For more information on Southern Growth Studio, check out their website.