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Southern College of Optometry

About Southern College of Optometry

Doctors of Optometry are independent primary health care providers who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures, as well as the diagnosis of related systemic conditions. Founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1932, Southern College of Optometry has trained thousands of optometrists that live and practice in all 50 states and abroad. Our students represent a large cross-section of demographics and regional areas of our nation. Many of our faculty received their optometric education at other schools and colleges of optometry but chose to teach and practice at SCO.


The Eye Center, SCO’s over 50,000 square foot clinic, located in the heart of Memphis’s prestigious Midtown Medical District, is the Mid-South’s most comprehensive provider of eye health and vision care. In addition to The Eye Center, SCO students and interns visit local schools, for vision screenings, and nursing/assisted-living facilities to provide care, creating approximately 140,000 annual patient encounters. These patients rely upon quality vision care overseen by nearly 60 faculty members. Our students benefit from hands-on learning as they accompany faculty on community outreach initiatives at school vision screenings and regional health care settings. SCO students even travel abroad to take eye care to those in need around the globe. SCO embraces the idea that optometry is a service-oriented profession. SCO students have a long history of outstanding service to the college, the community, and people throughout the Western hemisphere.


Desired Skills for Fellow

• Independent

• Motivated

• Life-long learner

• Able to appreciate both the big picture and small details

• Intellectually curious


Fellow Responsibilities

The program will be comprehensive and allow the candidate to gain a better understanding of the optometric profession. The candidate will split their time between shadowing in all aspects of the college and clinic and performing research. In the clinic, they will learn from doctors in the following areas: Pediatric Primary Care, Adult Primary Care, Cornea and Contact Lens, Advanced Care and Ocular Disease, Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, Community Vision Health, Technology and Ophthalmology. They will also be introduced to the business aspects of optometry.

At SCO, we conduct investigations that are intended to advance the frontiers of primary vision care practice. Research is centered on vision care in the areas of ophthalmic therapeutics and management of refractive, binocular and low vision conditions. Students have the chance to design and implement a research protocol and present the findings at a national optometric meeting. Participating in research is one means of pursing a core of the college’s mission of promoting lifelong learning, contributing to the student’s ability to develop critical thinking. The candidate would participate in the design and implementation of at least one research protocol.


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