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About Memphis Research Group

Memphis Research Group (MRG) specializes in investment research / equity research for the hedge fund industry. MRG is an independent investment research firm that helps find and deliver actionable investment ideas to its hedge fund client(s).

Desired Skills for Fellow

Interested in Finance, particularly equity analysis. Personable, ability to call a stranger on the phone and ask questions and learn about their business/industry. At least some familiarity with and preferably proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Probably best if he/she is a self-starter/self-motivator and has a natural curiosity as many of the tasks in MRG’s business are very open ended and by nature can’t be well-defined (or else they’d already be done!) so a drive and a curiosity to not just find the answers but find the next question and the next question and so on. Understanding of accounting, finance/capital markets and/or economics is a plus but by no means a requirement.

Fellow Responsibilities

Assist in the research process, in every regard, from the initial screening for potential investment ideas all the way to pitching the idea to our client and maintaining the research process through the life of the position while it is in their portfolio. MRG has a very small office. The work is very collaborative so the responsibilities will vary with the companies being researched and the stage of the research process. After a summer he/she should have seen or touched every facet of the research process. Tasks will range from building financial models, reviewing sell-side research, digging through company earnings conference calls or SEC filings, calling industry participants to understand a market, mapping an industry (competitors, suppliers, customers, etc.), among many other possibilities that will depend entirely on what MRG is working on at the time and how far along MRG is in the process.

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