Finance – Kelman-Lazarov

About Kelman-Lazarov

Founded in 1979, Kelman-Lazarov provides financial planning and investment advisory services. Our focus is on growing and maintaining long-term relationships by working with our clients to identify their goals, objectives, and risk tolerance, and then making changes as their circumstances change. We truly care about our clients and work together as a team to educate and advise them.

Required Skills for Fellows

A concentration in finance, economics, or management information systems, is preferred. Job duties may vary depending on individual’s educational background. Must have maturity and strong attention to detail. GPA of 3.0 or better.

Fellow Responsibilities

Assist in general office support, including data entry and scanning as we transition our office over to a paperless platform. Assist in the creation of investment reviews, including quarterly annuity value updates. Assist in determining areas we can maximize our services in our CRM database (CRM= Customer Relationship Model that we use to organize our business processes and relationships with our clients).

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