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Facing History

About Facing History and Ourselves

For more than 30 years, Facing History and Ourselves has believed that education is the key to combating bigotry and nurturing democracy. Through a rigorous investigation of the events that led to the Holocaust, pivotal moments in the American Civil Rights Movement as well as other recent examples of genocide and mass violence, students in a Facing History class learn to combat prejudice with compassion, indifference with participation, and myth and misinformation with knowledge. Facing History and Ourselves works with educators throughout their careers to improve their effectiveness in the classroom, as well as their students’ academic performance and civic learning. FHAO does this work in many school environments including high need urban schools.

Facing History and Ourselves is seeking a Fellow to work very closely with our Associate Program Director for Urban Education, Steven Becton. This is an incredible opportunity to work with a senior staff member in a global organization. Mr. Becton is primarily responsible for creating opportunities, implementing program, designing professional development for, and guiding program evaluation in Memphis and Shelby County’s schools that are deemed urban in not only location, but also in a set of widely identified challenges that urban schools face. These schools frequently, but not always, are housed in our most impoverished communities. Urban schools often have a high concentration of kids of color and struggle to close the troubling academic achievement gap. The Fellow will get to work along side Mr. Becton as he builds a national model for Facing History and Ourselves work in urban schools. The work that emanates here in Memphis would be shared across regions, presented at international conferences, and submitted for publication in highly regarded educational journals. The Fellow will have the opportunity to work with Mr. Becton in developing this model that would impact thousands of educators and students around the globe.

The Memphis region of Facing History serves as a virtual “lab” for engaging in intentional rigorous exploration and analysis of Facing History’s historic work and future potential in urban schools that would inform our nationwide expansion of the work. An important part of the lab entails identifying core questions and codifying best practices related to our work in urban schools and positioning that work in the larger school reform movement. The chief aim is to enhance the quality and impact of our work and strengthen our individual and collective capacity. Success would be measured by our increased alignment with efforts to bring about educational equity while meeting Facing History’s goal of doubling the number of its fully implementing teachers nationally.

Desired Skills for Fellow

– A keen interest in the field of urban education and educational inequality is required

– An interest in education research

– Excellent writing skills are required

– Knowledge of PowerPoint and other presentation tools

– Highly organized

– Able to work independently with little supervision

– Flexible and adaptable to an often fast paced and sometimes unpredictable work day

Fellow Responsibilities

The Fellow will support the Associate Program Director (APD) for Urban Education in the following ways:

– Conduct guided research on the latest trends in policy, practice, and scholarship in urban education

– Accompany APD for Urban Education to local strategy meetings to stay informed of the work and record minutes

– Summarize books, articles, and publications as assigned by APD for Urban Education

– Observe and make record of workshop or seminar sessions

– Assist in the design and implementation of globally viewed webinar presentations focusing on urban education issues

– Create multimedia presentations including PowerPoint, Prezi and other multimedia tools that would be used across the national landscape

– Assist with record keeping and knowledge management through our knowledge management software program Salesforce

– General administrative support for APD for Urban Education in particular and other office staff when needed

For more information on Facing History, visit their website.