Corky’s Ribs and BBQ



About Corky’s Ribs and BBQ

Corky’s BBQ lives and breathes in the BBQ CAPITAL OF THE WORLD….MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE! Home to over 100 BBQ specific restaurants, Corky’s has been Voted the #1 BBQ in Memphis by Readers Polls over 22 times! Don Pelts made a decision almost 30 years ago to open Corky’s BBQ with the following requirements:

1. Buy the very best raw products

2. Cook the old fashioned way over hickory and charcoal

3. Hire the best team to support his ‘vision’ for Corky’s

4. ‘Do it right EVERY TIME!’

The success of Corky’s dining room business led to a booming drive-thru / take out business that had never been done before in Memphis BBQ. Within a year of opening, Corky’s started taking its great BBQ to peoples homes, businesses and picnic facilities with its full service Catering Team. They arrive, set up, serve and let the customer just have fun! Corky’s has catered events as large as 18,000 people and served them all in 2 hours! So many out of town customers would enjoy a ‘Taste of Memphis’ while at Corky’s in the early years that we opened a USDA inspected processing facility in 1991. That original 900 square foot space has been improved over the years to now 53,000 square feet! Our BBQ is shipped overnight to sports stars, Hollywood celebs, and folk just like you and I. This facility also cooks all the food that Corky’s ships to Supermarkets including Wal-mart, Kroger, Publix, Costco, and many others.

Desired Skills for Fellow

– Detail oriented

– Accounting / business major


Fellow Responsibilities

– Inventory

– General ledger

– Financial statement management


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