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About Tower Ventures

Tower Ventures is a Memphis, Tennessee based company that provides site acquisition services as well as construction and site management and marketing for the telecommunications industry.

Through its holding company, Tower Ventures Holdings, LLC and affiliated operating companies, Tower Ventures has developed a significant niche in the tower business, and is a lean, responsive tower company that delivers what it promises. Tower Ventures delivers sites quickly, and is well-known for constructing sites in areas with significant challenges. The Tower Ventures staff has expertise in dealing with issues of zoning, local policies and ordinances, and other potential construction obstacles.

Tower Ventures has met and exceeded the specifications of every project that it has in the telecommunications industry. To date, Tower Ventures has completed build-to-suit work for Sprint, C Spire, Verizon Wireless, Cricket, AT&T, Clearwire, and T-Mobile.

Tower Ventures utilizes a proven targeted marketing approach to successfully promote its sites to the wireless carriers holding licenses in a given market. The services provided by Tower Ventures, including rooftop marketing, site acquisition, construction management, and site management, make Tower Ventures a dynamic company with solutions for every telecommunications service carrier from conception to completion. Plus, Tower Ventures has its own Internet web site that provides wireless carriers with instant access to vital information about Tower Ventures’ sites.

Desired Skills for Fellow

Accounting background

If Fellows has his/her real estate license, the Fellow may participate in real estate-related work as well.

Fellow Responsibilities

The responsibilities will vary based on the Fellows’ individual background. The Fellow will report to Tower Ventures’ Controller.

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