Nonprofit Management – Memphis Library Foundation


About the Memphis Library Foundation

The Memphis Library Foundation (MLF) enhances the Memphis Public Library (Library) through private funding. The 18 branches of the Library offers “More than Books,” through safe, comfortable spaces with free access to vast resources. Libraries engage, entertain and inspire. They are vibrant spaces with jazz concerts, film screenings, business programs, gardening help, art classes, health information and more.  The MLF provides valuable funds that help bridge the gap between the City of Memphis budget and what it takes to be a world-class Library, and helps raise awareness in order to connect people to these resources.  The MLF helped create CLOUD901, one of the foremost teen labs in the country with a recording studio, a video production lab, an art studio, robotics, 3D printing, coding, gaming, and more. Some of the hands-on learning is available for children in neighborhood branches. The Library helps deliver high quality art and technology programs for seniors, and job and career assistance for adults as well.

Desired Skills for Fellow

The MLF and Memphis Library seek a dynamic person who is curious, creative, and capable. The ideal candidate would value literacy, community and equal access for all. Good organizational and communication skills are important. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is preferred, and willingness to work with diverse groups of people and an ability to manage multiple projects is needed. Anyone interested in non-profit work, education, event management, marketing, and/or public relations would be a good fit.

Fellow Responsibilities

The summer months at the Library are very busy and exciting. Explore Memphis is our city-wide summer reading/learning program, and the Library’s largest and most comprehensive program, serving over 10,000 people from babies to seniors, and taking place in all 18 branches as well as online.

Explore Memphis motivates participants to read and learn during the summer through engaging programs, creative partnerships, and free resources. The 8-week program includes informal learning opportunities such as visiting cultural institutions, parks and nature activities, online discovery, and art, creation, and design. Many local organizations – parks, museums, etc. – participate by offering unique experiences. Our TI fellow would work with the Children, Teen and Adult Coordinators to help promote and manage Explore Memphis. The TI fellow would also assist in managing multiple teen summer camps at branch locations across the city. Duties might include managing communications with program participants and their parents, taking photos and/or videos of programs, helping to promote awareness and attendance, and conducting program evaluation.

For more information on the  Memphis Library Foundation, visit their website.