Non-Profit Management – Volunteer Odyssey


About Volunteer Odyssey

Volunteer Odyssey began because we saw a need for better ways to connect prospective volunteers with volunteer opportunities. The Volunteer Odyssey founder, Dr. Sarah Petschonek, traveled across the country in 2012 to research best practices for matching volunteers. Based on that research, we began in 2013 with our first program for job seekers. Next, we added an individual matching component (matching volunteers one-on-one based on their skillsets) and also built a Calendar of Volunteer Opportunities, which now lists 250+ events monthly. In addition, we invented and launched the first virtual volunteer fair in the country: Volio. Currently, our programs and online tools reach 1,500 users monthly and this rate increases by an average of 10% per month. We provide services to more than 40 nonprofits in Memphis including Shelby Farms, MIFA, Red Cross, St. Jude, and New Memphis Institute. We also operate as the volunteer arm of cityCURRENT .

The position provides opportunities for working in multiple environments. It’s a combination of:
– Working on site at our office: a high-energy space in the core of downtown, with big windows and lots of natural light
– Visiting volunteer events and program sites in the community
– Working at coffee shops and at lunch meetings
– Teleworking and working remotely

Support from a TI Fellow helps us engage our neighbors in building the future of Memphis.

Desired skills

– Excellent written and verbal communication ability
– Strong time management skills
– Must have a reliable laptop
– Critical thinking skills
– People-oriented
– Excellent relationship building skills
– Great at working on teams and working independently
– Reliable transportation

– Experience or interest in special events and marketing
– Volunteer experience
– Knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram
– Preferably 21+ for access to special events

Job Responsibilities

Volunteer Odyssey is a small nonprofit, which is great news if you’re looking for a role where you get to learn a wide range of dynamic skills. We need help with everything from marketing and special events to improving the overall effectiveness of the organization. To the best of our ability, we’ll select responsibilities and projects for you based on your existing skillset as well as the skills you want to develop.

1) Event planning:
– Envision, develop and plan special events. Our special events are a combination of fun and meaningful volunteer opportunities. They’re core to our mission. Examples: Pop Up Volunteer Parties ( and Minute Match (
– Incentivize volunteers and nonprofits to participate in events
– Create designs for decor and materials
2) Marketing:
– Design social media materials for SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
– Develop content for newsletters
– Create grassroots and guerilla marketing techniques
3) Maximizing impact:
– Onboard volunteers
– Identify strategic partnerships
– Improve quality of volunteer opportunities
– Match volunteers based on their knowledge, skills, abilities and talents
4) Improving program effectiveness:
– Showcase impact through stories, video, stats, and pictures
– Design metrics for creative program evaluation
– Assess organizational needs

We aim for a balance when it comes to guidance and autonomy. This position provides hands-on mentorship and skill building, but also has ample opportunities for creativity and independence.

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