The TI Fellowship provides experience for living a well-rounded professional, communal, social, and spiritual life after college. College teaches one how to be a professional, and the study of Torah and religious school teach one how to be Jewish; however, one is not taught how to synthesize the two. The TI Fellowship provides experiential education – how to let Judaism inform one’s professional life and how to be a young professional who is integrated into the Jewish community.

The TI Fellowship Seeks to:

  • Provide young Jewish adults with job opportunities and the possibility of a sustainable future in Memphis.
  • Create a vibrant social and professional community of young Jews in Memphis.
  • Provide an experiential education on how to maintain one’s Jewish identity as a young professional, showing how Judaism can enrich life after college.
  • Foster a community of faith and Jewish learning among TI Fellows.
  • Empower the TI Fellows to make a difference in the Memphis community through social action.
  • Integrate young Jewish adults into the greater Memphis Jewish Community.
  • Help to ensure a secure future for Temple Israel and the continuity of the Memphis Jewish Community for years to come.
  • Serve as a cornerstone for the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest 20-somethings in Memphis.