2017 Week 1 – Daniela Berlinski and Gabe Feldstein

One week down in Memphis and I can already tell this summer will be one of opportunities. The first day at work, as a consulting intern at Informa Economics, I was given my very own office (pretty exciting for a 19-year-old college student!!) and three different projects to already dive in to. I remember on the that same day, one of my coworkers asked me if there was anything I came home to, making sure that I wasn’t alone in Memphis for the summer. I instantly replied to her, “my TI fellows!” Although at this point I had only known these people for a week, in just that time we have done laundry together, cooked dinner together, gone out to eat, gone to the JCC, and enjoyed a night out in Memphis together. Although these experiences are rather mundane, they have led me to feel a part of the community with the other fellows.

After a 45-hour work week, I come home and relax with my new friends- often playing a quick game of Jewish geography. This week we went to services at Temple Israel, ate dinner at the Finestone’s house, went to a Levitt Shell Concert, went to Loflin Yard, ate at Central BBQ, and took a tour of the National Civil Rights Museum with Rabbi Greenstein. Although some of these enjoyable events were mandatory, the others were motivated by the TI Fellows who were interested in spending time together to get to know each other better. I feel a sense of community with my TI Fellows, and in particular I feel very welcomed into Memphis. I am excited for a summer full of exploring, self-discovery, hard work, learning, and new friendships.

– Daniela Berlinski

Week one. Success. After finishing up my first week of work and having another weekend in Memphis, I can gladly say that Memphis is more than I made it up to be. I’ve gone to Gus’s Fried Chicken twice already and anticipate a third time in the near future, but I think I still need to catch up on the barbecue. A large group of fellows went to the Memphis Redbirds game and despite losing 6-3 to Nashville, it was still fun and I learned the valuable lesson of never drinking a slushie too fast (https://www.thescore.com/mlb/news/1317067-watch-kid-suffers-epic-brain-freeze-after-chugging-slushie-at-triple-a-game).

It’s really nice to explore this town with other TI fellows who do not know Memphis well yet, along with the natives who have been very hospitable. We went to the National Civil Rights Museum this past Sunday and learned a lot about the significance of the city of Memphis in the civil rights movement along with the role Judaism played. I had no idea that this city has grown so much over the past six or seven years. I know I’ve only been here a week, but I already feel like in my time here I want to help the city of Memphis grow and improve. The people here, especially the Jewish community, has so far been absolutely incredible and extremely hospitable to all the TI fellows and it feels like all of us are wanted and valued and I can’t express how much that means and how great it feels.

I have been placed with MB Innovations, a biomedical engineering company that focuses on the design and development of products used for surgery of all sorts. I’ve been using a 3D design software and have already noticed significant improvement. I appreciate my bosses at MB Innovations for donating their time and skills to helping me figure out where I want my career path to take me. Overall, I am proud to say I have learned so much about the city of Memphis and have enjoyed every day here so far.

-Gabe Feldstein

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