2017 Week 7 – Haley Steinman and Zachary Benson

I cannot believe it is already our final week as TI fellows. This summer has been an enriching experience beyond words and a summer I’m sad to see go. I’ve connected to my Jewish identity through beautiful Shabbat and Havdallah services and even learned that sometimes a meaningful shabbat can mean sitting around a table with 15 of your friends eating fried chicken and reflecting on your week. I’ve made lasting friendships in 8 short weeks that in any other scenario would take years to form.

I’m thankful to the fellowship for placing me in my internship at Southern Growth Studio. The work experience has given me incredible insights into the innovation and growth strategy field. I’ve gained fantastic mentors who have supported me and enabled me to grow every step of the way.

A highlight of the past week was going with a few of the fellows to a Redbirds game (the box seats given to the fellow by his work were an extra perk!) Each weekend brings something new;  what a summer filled with live music, good food, and plenty of fun.

Haley Steinman photo

The food experience this summer has been out of control. As a lifelong Memphis I’ve gotten to try some hidden gems that I’ve somehow missed out on in the past 21 years such as Arcade and Uncle Lou’s. As culinary challenged as I am, I’m thankful for my newfound lifelong friends who often prepare meals for all of us, full of nights that end in constant laughter. The close friendships have helped me grow personally and become more in touch with my Judaism as I watch how my friends incorporate our religion into their daily lives.

The goodbyes will be hard but I’m thankful to have the memories of this summer to reflect on for a lifetime.

-Haley Steinman

Well, that certainly went by a lot quicker than I thought it would. It feels like just yesterday I arrived here in Memphis and now here we are gearing up for our final days. So much has happened in the last seven weeks I don’t even know where to begin.

I guess I’ll start with my internship at Baker Donelson. I came into this summer, especially this internship, with relatively high expectations and Baker has just blown all of these expectations out of the water. As a student who considers himself to be prelaw, with a Plan B of doing something in the marketing/business sector, being able to get an internship in the marketing department of a law firm was a perfect match. Everybody at Baker has been incredibly nice and helpful, and the marketing experience that I’ve gained on top of that has been invaluable. On top of that, working at Baker has provided me with a network of lawyers who have given me some advice that I can use to help plot out the next steps of my future, such as what I should look for in a law school and what kind of practices I may find interesting.

Now that the boring work part is over I can move on to the real highlight of my summer, Memphis! Memphis is a city where it is easy to find something new around every corner. I’ve done so much this summer that it’s hard for me to remember everything. There’s live music and barbecue on every street, Overton Park (right across the street from where we live) is home to both the Levitt Shell and the Memphis Zoo, we got to see the main FedEx hub, and those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. Memphis has so much to offer, which is what makes it unique. I mean, where else are you going to see a former basketball stadium in the shape of a pyramid that’s been transformed into a giant Bass Pro Shop?! From Beale Street to Shelby Farms, I’m truly going to miss this city, and I’m going to relish the memories I made this summer with my new friends.

-Zachary Benson

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