2016 Week 10 – Carly Singer and Daniel Barrach

I didn’t know before participating in the TI Fellowship how much of a stranger I was to Memphis. Ironic, considering I’ve been calling it home my entire life. But between spending roughly a decade of my summers at overnight camps, moving away for college, and staying within the East Memphis bubble when I was in Memphis, I managed to miss out on many opportunities that Memphis had to offer. Fortunately, my time during the Fellowship showed me just how thriving and exceptional Memphis was.

Living in the Memphis College of Art dorms was a perfect location for us. We were able to easily explore Midtown and Downtown Memphis, which was full of restaurants and local sights I had never seen/heard of before. We were directly across the street from Overton Park, so we could make weekly visits to the Levitt Shell or explore our wonderful zoo. The Fellowship also did a great job showing us the gems of Memphis, such as the Civil Rights Museum, the FedEx hub, and the Metal Museum (to name a few). I was able to see more this summer than I had in years.

Working with Jewish Community Partners this summer was a truly rewarding experience. For starters, I got an inside look on the complicated workings of a nonprofit organization. I hadn’t given nonprofit work much thought before, so I was lucky to have a chance to see what it would be like if I were to move in that path. Secondly, I learned more about the Jewish community in Memphis. While I have always loved being a member in this community, I was absolutely blown away by everything Jewish Community Partners and its donors do to help people nationally and internationally. The amount of care Memphis Jews have for each other and for others around the world is one of my favorite parts about being in the Memphis Jewish community.

So as another summer comes to a close, I am grateful that this one was spent in Memphis. I got to spend these last ten weeks bonding with people I met through the Fellowship, spending time with my family, and exploring more of what Memphis has to offer. The TI Fellowship was a fulfilling experience, and I am glad I could be a part of it this summer.

-Carly Singer


I can’t believe the summer has already come to an end. I can’t believe we have already gone our separate ways after ten weeks of living with each other. I came into the program not really knowing what to expect, and I left with friendships and memories  I will never forget. From driving all over the city trying new restaurants, to experiencing the nightlife in Overton Square and on Beale Street, to hanging out in the dorms playing Mario Kart and watching the Olympics this summer was truly one of the best summers of my life.

The TI Fellowship provided me with many lifetime experiences that I would never have gotten on my own. In what other programs do you get to meet the mayor of Memphis and have a personal Q&A with him? In what other programs do you get an etiquette lesson with a four course meal? Where else can you get a FedEx hub tour? The answer is nowhere. The TI Fellowship program is definitely one of a kind and one I would recommend to all of my friends.

On a more personal note, I would like to thank Monogram Foods for the amazing summer they gave me. At Monogram, I learned how to deal with day to day problems and how to solve them. I got to work with the Demand Planning team as well as the Marketing team throughout the summer. From forecasting sales to designing new products for market, I truly got a one of a kind experience. Monogram does not have a true internship program, instead I got to see the real side of business with no cover ups. I could not have asked for a better internship program than the one I got with Monogram Foods.

I would like to conclude by thanking the TI Fellowship Founders and Director as well as the Summer Coordinators. Y’all worked tirelessly to make sure we Fellows had an incredible summer and we cannot thank y’all enough for this. This was one summer I will never forget!

-Daniel Barrach

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