2015 Week 9 – Margo Libby and Brian Ringel

Being raised in Memphis, I knew I wanted to move back and live here once I finish school. I decided to treat this summer as a way for me to see what life could be like if I made that decision, so I applied for the TI Fellowship Program. My older cousin and brother both completed the Fellowship, and I had seen them enjoy it. I wanted my experience to be the exact same as theirs had been. I have come to see that my experience has definitely not been the same as theirs, yet my experience has been uniquely meaningful and enjoyable in its own way. Something I have really enjoyed has been learning about opportunities in Memphis that I had not previously experienced such as the FedEx Hub Tour, a meeting with AC Wharton, and meeting with Congressman Steve Cohen. In this most recent week we took a tour of St. Jude Research Hospital. It was incredible to see how completely and inclusively they care for the patients and to hear about how much St. Jude has done to advance research on deadly diseases.

The other component of the program is the completion of an internship. I have worked at a local non-profit, Porter Leath, whose mission is to empower children and families to achieve a healthy, optimal, and independent lifestyle. Through my work at Porter Leath I have been exposed to many types of people and activities I never would have otherwise experienced. I currently am studying Sociology and Public Health at school in Arizona, yet before the summer I had no idea what direction I wanted to head after school. My internship and the Fellowship Program as a whole have definitely helped me to narrow the direction I am looking towards in the future.

-Margo Libby


As the tenth and final week of the TI Fellowship begins, I have been able to reflect more fully on what this program had to offer. First and foremost, I have greatly enjoyed my internship with Metronome Partners LLC, a Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firm. I have acquired new skills and learned valuable information that will come in handy as my professional career continues. Metronome truly offered the perfect opportunity for me to get my first experience in the Finance industry, as its small size created a comfortable environment for me to learn from and collaborate with my co-workers.

Aside from the internship, it has been tremendous experiencing all of the various characteristics of Memphis. We have seen its innovative and helpful side through touring the FedEx hub (my favorite), Church Health Center, and Start Co. We have witnessed the entertainment side, be it seeing concerts at the Levitt Shell, going out in a revamped midtown, or just living downtown. We have talked firsthand with some of the city’s political leaders, including U.S. Congressman Steve Cohen and Mayor A.C. Wharton. And we have understood the importance of an engaged and tight-knit Jewish community in Memphis, whether we were celebrating Shabbat, enjoying happy hours, or attending dinner parties.

This past week was packed with a bunch of great events. On Friday we had an etiquette lunch at Rhodes College, where we learned the proper ways to eat a formal meal. Needless to say, there were ton of traditions and standards of which I was completely unaware. After lunch we had the chance to have a helpful resume workshop with Rhodes College’s career services center, building upon the professional development exercises we have had during the summer. We also toured Memphis Made Brewing Company, a new local brewery that has quickly gained popularity throughout the city.

Overall, I am extremely happy that I decided to do the TI Fellowship this summer. As someone who grew up in Memphis, it was incredible to see all that my hometown has to offer. There is always something to do, and it seems like new projects and ideas are circulating every week. Combining an internship, the Jewish community, and the best aspects of Memphis all into one program with other young professionals makes for an awesome summer.

-Brian Ringel

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