Week 9 – Alana Miller and Eitan Sneider

Week 9 – Alana Miller and Eitan Sneider

Week 9 was a great week for the TI Fellows. We each had a full four days of work at our respective internships and then met up on Friday for a few professional development events at Rhodes College. The first event of the day was an etiquette lunch lead by the head of career services at Rhodes. The lunch was very fancy and informative. We each had to step a little bit out of our comfort zones and sit up straighter than usual. We were taught the in’s and out’s of professional dining as we enjoyed a delicious meal. I learned that there is a proper way to eat cream-based soup! I was grateful for the experience and I now feel more prepared to handle a working lunch or dinner with a client/supervisor.

The second event of the day was a resume workshop with Daniel Vanaman from Rhodes Career Services whom we met with a few weeks ago. He spoke with us about the importance of a resume and an up to date LinkedIn profile, and then went around to consult each of us on our individual resumes. It was very helpful to get a fresh perspective on my resume, and he helped me with some language that I was struggling with. Collectively, we created a general description for our experience on the Fellowship that each of us can use on our resumes.

My Fellowship Provider, Jimmy Ringel, presented the third event of the day. Jimmy spoke to us about interview etiquette and provided us with a few tips and tricks for how to properly and professionally navigate pressure-filled interviews.

The last part of our day was a Shabbat dinner that was hosted by my pod. We ordered in pizza and had a casual Shabbat dinner as a group. It was nice to end the week with a gathering of friends, and I am truly so grateful to be a part of the TI Fellows this summer.

-Alana Miller


Have you ever woken up disoriented and feeling like the utopic feelings awash in your system must be a complacent ruse? You must have been with me for the prior nine weeks here in Memphis as I relocated, explored the city and noshed on food so great, that it could have only been from the Libby’s. My name is Eitan and this is my Memphis #901 story.

A short 9 weeks ago I touched down at the South Bluffs Apartment Complex with a busted smoothie maker and one-too-many pairs of boxer briefs. Leaving, I now am brimming with Jewish studies learned through religious educational outings and networking events and harbor an appreciation for the city of Memphis. Do I want to leave?… Far from it. The hours I have spent traveling past Auto Zone park, running to the yet to be finished Pyramid with Adam and enjoying the family atmosphere of the Libby household have served as anchors for a community that I now call home. I strongly believe that with family as experienced through the many shared Shabosses as well as the undying support of the Fellowship founders I have planted a stake in Memphis not just in the pot-hole laden ground but also within my heart.

I talk a lot about Adam Libby and even more about the cookies his mom Betsy made for us (and continues to make for us) and when I first tasted them as I arrived at South Bluffs. I don’t think it was the cookies that helped Adam and me become the best of friends- but I think without them our journeys may not have been so sweet. Coupled with networking events with Ken Steinberg, meeting Rabbi Greenstein as well as Rabbi Grossman and Rabbi Katie and attending group fit classes every day at the JCC whether it be for Zumba or W.A.R. (a form of cardio-kickboxing) I have never felt alone, bored, or scared. Well, I was scared baking the Shabbos dinner (shoutout to Rachel and Elisa) and for the seating chart and making sure everyone had a labeled cup (shoutout to Jordan) but the event went splendidly with nary an empty stomach or glass.

Whether it was meeting the entire Barrack family or eating cookies at Michael and Annie’s house, my memories revolve around not just the food but also the people behind and serving it. To all of my friends, new family, and amazing work (The Southern Growth Studio) I say ROCK ON MEMPHIS. And if you ever find yourself in Memphis on a Saturday, head on down to Broad Ave Arts and check out a Saturday night function with Sara and crew. Stay safe y’all and whatever you do… don’t forget your commemorative cups- you never know when you might want a free drink at Central BBQ or Gus’s!

-Eitan Sneider

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